Blue World City Farm house | Farm House for Sale in Islamabad

Farm House Plot On Instalments

4 Years Payment Plan Cost of Land

Size Down Payment 40.Instalments 8 half yearly Installments Total Cost
4 Kanal 1,600,000 113,125 565,625 10,650,000
8 Kanal 2,900,000 204,375 1,021,785 19,250,000
12 Kanal 4,800,000 340,000 1,700,000 32,000,000
16 Kanal 5,150,000 365,313 1,826,536 34,375,000

Blue Hills Country Farm houses are one of the top real estate icons in the city. The combination of modern facilities and natural living are at very affordable price rates. These farm houses can be a good point in future for your friend’s get-to-gathers to attend Sunday holiday vacations, birthday parties, family day out and birthday parties. It is surrounded by excellent area like water stream, cultivated food plots and good view of piles of trees. Great place to relax and enjoy the country life with quick access to the city and excellent High Tech services. Geographically with a very good ground level comfortable feeling in both summer and winter seasons. Booking a farm house plot in blue world city Islamabad means relax enjoyable wild life with privacy and spectacular views. This property is hard to match with other locations and property offers. Blue World City is now providing 4 sizes of the plots on which you can construct your own vision farm house, 4,8,12 and 16 Kanal correspondingly. Farm houses have become the modern inclination for wealthy and eminent people, from organizing get-to-gathers to your well-appointed escape plan to get rid from hectic life can all be accommodated by having a farm house. Keeping all the points in mind that Blue World City Islamabad project has launched elite farm houses in the society for the people who want to pass their escapes in peace, quiet and private place.