Blue World City General Block

Blue World City General Block

Price List

4 Year payment plan cost of land
Size Discounted Price Downpayment 40.Instalments 8 Half Yearly Instalment Total Price
5 Marla 1,190,000 119,000 11,900 74,375 1,290,000
8 Marla 1,530,000 153,000 15,300 95,625 1,726,000
10 Marla 1,830,000 183,000 18,300 114,375 2,152,000
1 Kanal 3,430,000 343,000 34,300 214,375 3,630,000

Sector 1

1 Year payment plan cost of land
Size DownPayment Confirmation 12.Instalments Total Price
5 Marla 507,000 338,000 70,417 1,690,000
10 Marla 780,000 520,000 108,333 2,600,000

Sector 2

Size DownPayment Confirmation 12.Instalments Total Price
5 Marla 477,000 318,000 66,250 1,590,000
10 Marla 735,000 490,000 102,083 2,450,000

Sector 4

Size DownPayment Confirmation 12.Instalments Total Price
5 Marla 447,000 298,000 62,083 1,490,000

Sector 5

Size Down Payment 12.Instalments Total Price
1 Kanal 2,250,000 187,500 4,500,000
2 Kanal 3,950,000 329,167 7,900,000

General Block is offering 5,8,10 marla, 1 and 2 kanal residential plots for sale on 4 years easy installment plan. General Block is an indispensable piece of Blue World City's society lifestyle. Flawlessly planned General Block will offer a total way of life at reasonable rates. Lavish green parks, wide streets, well spread out streetscape adorned with street kerbs, streetlights, pavements greenbelts, and flowerbeds, supplement the way of life inclinations of the people who seek to carry on a cost-effective and convenient way of life.
BWC general Block is located near both twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad and easily accessible by Chakri interchange. Facilities will be available here
• Parks
• Wide streets
• Beautiful landscaping
• Practical layout plan
• Best Space Utilization
Since Blue World City offers properties at very reasonable rates, it's as of now a hot most loved choice for investment. Particularly today when the development work is going on the project land, the costs are most minimal, and you can undoubtedly book a commercial or residential plot based on your necessities and pay. In any case, when the advancement will be finished, costs will likewise increment. Thus, to boost the profits, put today and book your plot in the most tranquil climate loaded with astonishing elements and offices. Advice Associates experts invest heavily in serving the local area and are mindful to showcase the task at the best rates, so if you want any help or data about the overall block's installment plan, we are only one call away.