Blue World City Saad Nazir New Message to Clients in 2023

Blue World City Saad Nazir New Message to Clients in 2023


Blue World City Islamabad proved a masterpiece because the economic conditions did not affect it. This is one of the most reasonable housing projects in the area and has become very trendy among investors. This is the best option for persons looking to gain high ROI from housing schemes.


At the beginning of the new year, Blue World City CEO Chaudhary Saad Nazir shared a message:


"2022 has come to an end, and despite all the difficulties, we have changed governments during this time, but Alhamdulillah, BWC continues its work with great vigour. The property market trend here remained stable during 2022 compared to Pakistan's real estate market.


The new year 2023 is starting, and this message is to share new determination, intentions, and energy with you. Alhamdulillah, Lahore, there was a phase in the middle where there was a little silence; we have done a lot of underground work.


A lot of new Episodes are going to enter Blue World City. Now we are moving towards a step for which people have been waiting for a long time. We offer our inventory at affordable rates as compared to the whole market.


Blue World City’s premium time arrived In Sha Allah in January. We will add a new feature in BWC in January with an international celebrity. The personality itself will announce the project locally and internationally like In Dubai OR UK, to capture the overseas market.


On-ground projects with constructed inventory will be announcedlike multi-story buildings around sports valley & ground construction of villas.


Ch. Saad Nazir, in his message, also said that those people are lucky to have registered with Lahore to date at old rates and API discounts. 


Currently, in the area where we are doing the project, the land has become scarce, two big parties have bought the land, and new projects should not have been brought there.


At this time, Alhamdulillah, there is no land except the land that BWC has. The other Good News is that BWC will be the neighbouring society of DHA Phase 9.


Despite being new in this industry, Lahore has given a tough time to everyone and has set a new standard in development.


Blue World City is called the KING OF DEVELOPMENT in the real estate market. Society has been successful in developing a huge area in a short period. It is converted into the model of on-ground reality and commitment to what everyone feels.


Society will set new standards and boost overseas investors' trust again in the real estate market in Pakistan.




Blue world City is going to have a skydive feature. It is a very doable feature; we must make an airstrip and get some planes and paratroopers.


Chaudhary Saad Nazeer claims that we will create a proper sky diving school in BWC after getting approval from authorities very soon.


 Such amazing tourist activities you will enjoy there within a couple of years. Many new things will happen, and we're going to have a blast doing it again with this international celebrity that will change how people look at BWC. And that will change the look how people look at Pakistan.


If Dubai becomes a tourist destination, Pakistan can also become a tourist destination because this country has many resources. Blue World City Islamabad has more land than Dubai, and development is being done on the same idea as Dubai has done in 40 years; God willing, we will do it in 8-10 years.

Published On:- 04-01-2023
Published By Rabia Nadeem


Blue Moon in Blue World City

Blu Moon Bluworld city  Today will be a blue moon The first thing that came to mind after hearing this was why not visit Blue Moon in Blue World City. So guys see you at Blue Moon Blue World City But before that, let's know what a blue moon is A "blue moon" is a term used to describe a rare event in the lunar calendar In most months, there is only one full moon, but occasionally, due to the irregular length of the months and the lunar cycle, there may be a second full moon. When this happens, the second full moon is called a "blue moon."   The term "blue moon" has nothing to do with the actual color of the moon. The color of the moon can vary depending on atmospheric conditions, but it is usually not blue. Instead, a "blue moon" is a phrase used to denote a somewhat unusual or unusual event. The commonly used definition of a blue moon was popularized in the 20th century.    Blue World City's Blue Moon has ingrained itself in the city's culture, becoming a symbol of rarity and uniqueness. Local traditions and festivals often coincide with the Blue Moon's appearance, with residents celebrating its arrival through various artistic and cultural expressions.    Blue World City has embraced its association with the Blue Moon phenomenon. Visitors flock to the city not only to witness this spectacular event but also to explore the city's rich culture, vibrant nightlife, and unique blend of modern and traditional architecture. The Blue Moon serves as a celestial beacon, drawing tourists from around the world to this mesmerizing destination.   As you embark on your journey to experience the Blue Moon in Blue World City, prepare to be awed by this extraordinary lunar display that transcends the realm of ordinary astronomical phenomena. Whether you're a seasoned stargazer or a casual observer, this unique event promises an unforgettable night under the shimmering azure glow of the Blue Moon. Join the countless individuals who have been enchanted by the magic of Blue World City's celestial gem, and let its radiant beauty leave an indelible mark on your memories  



BWC Awami Block offers a chance to build your own 4.5 marla house at a very low price. It is not only a very low cost but also a very standard project with all luxury facilities. This Block is at the best location. It is being built right next to Main Gate Motorway. BWC Awami Block is the most up-to-date expansion to the great residential project, Blue World City. Blue World City Management has announced the development of a huge entrance gate of Awami Block, resembling Atlantis Gate in Dubai. This will be 712 feet long, a beautiful, and attractive gate in Blue World City Awami Block. This Block will have a replica of BABRI MASJID and the DIVISION SQUARE around which a huge market will be developed. Its location is also very outclassing on the main Motorway beside the Qurtaba Town Islamabad. If you have small investment, then this Block will be your priority. BWC Awami Block Location is parallel to Blue World City with direct access to Chakri Road, one of the most requested regions close to Islamabad International Airport. The Blue Group of Companies will execute the development with the best calibers. Development work is going on rapidly in this Block, and the price is too low. So don’t be too late and book your plot here right now for huge returns.



In Blue World City, Overseas Block is an awesome addition by the management. The lifestyle here I imagine that I am in one of these Hollywood movies, just like in America, where people sit on their terraces all day talking to neighbors and watching people pass by. This is so amazing!   Visit and look at the environment here; it's so peaceful. I'm in corporate times. When I first visited here, it was only a piece of land, but it turned into a beautiful residential community within a few months. It's all due to Blue World City management's day and night struggle.   As time progresses, this is becoming an iconic housing scheme among investors. The management promises to turn it into a CITY WITHIN CITY within three years.   BWC OVERSEAS BLOCK LOCATION:   BWC Overseas Block is exclusively designed and developed for overseas Pakistanis to enjoy life in their beloved homeland.   Overseas Block will directly access Rawalpindi Ring Road, connecting the society with Motorway M-2 and Islamabad city in the next two years. This Block has direct access from the main Chakri Road. Overseas Block is on the right side of Northern Avenue when going from Blue World City Lion Square.   NEARBY LANDMARKS:   10-min from CPEC Route 5-min from Rawalpindi Ring Road 5-min from Islamabad Lahore Motorway M2 20-min from New Islamabad International Airport 13-min from Highway   OVERSEAS BLOCK NOC:   Blue World City has already acquired approval to work on 427 Kanals land. Rawalpindi Development Authority has given a No Objection Certificate for construction and investment. The initial documentation was done to get the NOC of recently announced blocks. RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority will soon review and approve it.   OVERSEAS BLOCK MASTER PLAN:   Different sizes of plots will be available for both commercial and residential areas. The team of architects and designers is working to make the Block's commercial and residential area a good place for living. There will be architectural development in commercial and residential areas similar to China and Turkey. Malls, electricity systems, villas, roads, parks, and other products will be like in other modern societies.   RESIDENTIAL PLOTS FOR SALE IN OVERSEAS BLOCK:   5 Marla 8 Marla 10 Marla 14 Marla 1 Kanal 2 Kanal   COMMERCIAL PLOTS FOR SALE IN OVERSEAS BLOCK:   5 Marla 10 Marla   WHY WE INVEST:   Blue World City Overseas Block is rapidly becoming society's large and well-known Block. This Block encourages overseas think about accommodation in Pakistan again and enjoying an international standard lifestyle with their families. Investors will soon get huge ROI in a shorter period. Developers are keen to make society a perfect location for everyone. Some more reasons are listed below:   Well-known developers Luxurious amenities Spacious Properties Prime Location Soon to be approved Eco-Friendly Affordable International Infrastructure Development Developed by BGC-IGC 95% ROI Overseas Lagoon Club E-tag Controlled Entrance Possession in districts offered on complete payment Paved roads and 208 ft. wide Main Boulevard Connected directly with Bahria Town Phase VII              



Blue World City Hollywood Block is the most demanding addition in BWC for those expecting to live a comfortable lifestyle. Those who ever like privacy and want to do their things can avail this opportunity to reside here. And those who don’t like them can hang out with friends like them.   BWC Hollywood Block is located near Chakri Road and Close to the M2 Motorway. In this mega-residential project, you will see an unbelievably diverse array of cityscapes, natural landscapes, cultures and people.   Amazing to hear that if you are not willing to do anything but look out the window from your home in Hollywood Block, you will still see a lot of exciting stuff.   Something that makes it more appealing is that the Block is the home of celebrities, so you are not only living super comfortably. You might even have stars as your next-door neighbours.     BWC HOLLYWOOD BLOCK LOCATION:     If you have asked a Real Estate Agent to name three important things about a property you have, you’ll likely hear location, location & location. That phrase has been meaning huge since the earliest 1926, according to New York Times, and is just as relevant now.   Hollywood Block is located near Chakri Road and Close to the M2 Motorway. This Block comes first as an overseas and general Block and is easily accessible to Gate # 1 and Gate # 2 of BWC, also close to TRAFALGAR SQUARE.     FAMOUS LANDMARKS:   5 min away from Rawalpindi Ring Road 5 min from Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M2 10 min from CPEC Route 20 min from Islamabad International Airport 41 min from GT Road 11 min from Chakri Interchange 32 min from Thalian Interchange 31 min from Rawat Chakbeli Road 33 min from Srinagar Highway 15 min from Adiala Road 35 min from M-1 Motorway     AVAILABLE SIZES OF PLOTS FOR SALE:     Having convenient access to popular places such as shopping malls, cafes and restaurants can truly make life wonderful. One needs to live in the best local amenities and sporting recreations, all available here.   Residential Plot Sizes you can opt. for are listed below:   10 Marlas 1 Kanal 2 Kanal 4 Kanal     HOLLYWOOD BLOCK NOC:   A Housing project is legal if housing authorities approve it like CDA, FDA & LDA. Trusted developers offer blue World City, and work has been going on day and night on the project. RDA will soon give management a permission letter as they have completed the initial documentation.   HOLLYWOOD BLOCK NEARBY PLACES:   Nova City Top City-1 CBR Phase-II Qurtaba City Mumtaz City Kingdom Valley Capital Smart City Discovery Garden Seven Wonders City Islamabad International Airport     BLUE WORLD CITY MASTER PLAN:     Shan Jian Municipal Corporation designed blue World City, so what could be better than luxurious facilities? Booking of plots is available on two years instalment plan. Now, if you are wondering? Where to buy a house, BWC Hollywood Block should be your priority.     WHY DO WE INVEST?   Blue World City will be the city within a city, meaning the worth of your investment will increase with the development of this mega-housing project. BWC is offered by the most diversified and reputable Real Estate developer in Pakistan, so there is no chance of getting scammed. Real Estate Developers and Property Tycoons are hopeful about 95% ROI (Return On Investment) over the next three years. Its construction status makes it investment friendly.    


New House Vs Old Renovated House

New House Vs Old Renovated House Key Differences:   Old Homes mostly have large rooms that only need some repairs but have fewer storage spaces. While nowadays the rooms in houses are becoming smaller, and need more budget and energy than renovating an old house.     Trends in Home Building:   Mostly we think the costs of new homes are more than older homes but in some situations, this concept is not correct. As location plays an important role, the property in new societies costs less than it does in urban areas. As the cost of land has increased with time, the size of new homes has shrunk.   ADVANTAGES OF BUYING AN OLDER HOME   Old Time Solid Construction:   Older homes have stood for a long time, and have suffered many storms. Some were worked by hand by authentic experts with careful planning in detail. The familiar proverb, "They don't make them like they used to," sounds accurate. Large Living Spaces: When the land was less expensive, manufacturers based on larger spaces, left spaces between two homes to escape from the wet walls and left large garages on alleyways and backyards.   Neighboring: Having good neighbors is no less than a blessing. While buying an older home for renovation you have an opportunity to select your neighbors. Mature trees and vegetation:   In older Homes, it's normal to see 50-to-100-year-old trees giving shelter in yards and avenues, or flower bushes tended to for ages.   All Utilities Available:   Older homes have all utilities like electricity, gas, sewerage system, and nearby facilities like grocery stores, coffee shops, schools, spas, and restaurants. Need less time to Accommodate Yes! This one is the plus point of an older home that we can shift as early there but the new homes take a minimum of one year to complete.   DISADVANTAGES OF BUYING AN OLDER HOME   Need Maintenance: Older means need to maintain or there’s something that needs to fix. You may recolor the walls of old homes as you want, OR you have to replace the front marble to change the look of your home.   Fewer Technology Equipment: As new technologies are introduced with time, sometimes the old homes don’t have them. You can install these modern technologies in your new home as you want.   Appliance Update: Old kitchen and bath accessories are appropriate to use so you may need to replace the kitchen appliances and bath accessories.   ADVANTAGES OF BUYING NEW HOMES Modern Facilities:   New homes feature networked wiring systems, master plan baths, and workout and media rooms. You may expand your comfort zone by using built-in refrigerators, wine coolers, washing machines, dishwashers, and microwaves. Less Maintenance: If your home is constructed by a trusty architect, then for a long instance you do not need to maintain it. Constructing a new home means outlast warranties you will not see leakages, cracks, etc that will make you feel comfortable. Updated Safety: All plumbing and fire codes and electrical wiring meet the current way of construction which means no worry.   DISADVANTAGES OF BUYING AN OLDER HOME   Can’t Select Neighboring: Looking at prices, houses are being built in new societies these days where the population is very less. That means you don’t know about your neighbor while constructing your home which can cause anxiety later. Utilities: In new homes utilities like gas, electricity, and sewerage is not available because it takes time to get them. But nearby facilities and utilities are part of life it can be difficult to survive without them.    


Choosing Your Home and Lifestyle

Bahria Town Real Estate - Choosing Your Home and Lifestyle The real estate market has gone through unstable times in the past; however no market has ever been as established as the Bahria town real estate market during the last years. You may inquire yourself, why has this been the issue? The answer is very easy: when a market has an independent exciting financial system, and is also an especially desired after tourist place, worldwide financial markets can defend the real estate market in times of drop. In other locations of Pakistan when the real estate market collapses, it collapses. In Bahria town, on the other hand, claim among international buyers uphold demand in poor market circumstances meaning real estate prices never turn down for long. Although when the market situation is so strong, is it really the best time to invest in the Bahria town real estate market? There are many reasons why the answer is a booming yes. Initially, the dollar is valued very low at the instant in relation to overseas currency. This means that overseas buyers will be able to assign more to buying Bahria town real estate and it also means that visitors can have enough money to spend more when it comes to renting villas in the Bahria town. It is also the case that because our money is marketing especially low at the instant, more tourists will be coming to the Pakistan- meaning that areas with more famous tourist locations will bloom. The worth of the dollar is only one cause why financing in real estate can be a great design at the instant. Market Interest rates have never been better also! That's right; market interest charge is very low at the instant, meaning that the price of buying Bahria town real estate will be much inexpensive than it would generally be. As a buyer, this is definitely the time to invest as much as possible in the real estate market - as long as you can be sure that you will be able to fill your housing. And, when in the Bahria town, you can trust on tourists as well as locals to be able to live in your property. Many people have obtained billionaire status and financial liberty through investing in the real estate market; however that is not to say that it is not without threat. While there is no investment chance that can ever result in sure profits, it is fair to say that there is no chance that is as profitable and as stable as real estate. Over time property costs can only go in one way, and that is up! Real estate investment also produces cash stream and can typically be sold very easily.    



  Putting Investment in Commercial Property can be a decent method for putting away your cash, particularly assuming you live in a big city or pick a property situated in a city like Islamabad. Business interest in Islamabad is picking up speed because of different reasons.   Being the country's capital, the city is home to a few public and worldwide associations. It is located on the advertised up course of CPEC, which makes it the future center point of local business exercises.   Islamabad is blossoming with the quickest developing business framework, expecting these business possibilities. The Blue region was viewed as the center for every one of the business exercises; however, over the long run, it is overloaded.   New commercial projects are required to oblige the necessities of expanded interest for business spaces. This is when the chance to put investments into business properties in Islamabad comes. TYPES OF COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INVESTMENTS Commercial Real Estate is a property that is leased to organizations or organizations. These can be places of business, stores, or malls. Regularly, there are composite utilized business structures: a building utilized for private purposes and business.   Choices of business Investment in Islamabad are various and incorporate many properties. The significant sorts incorporate shops, office spaces, modern spaces, warehouses, eateries, and mixed-use structures. Warehouses You can find an illustration of distribution centers like modern regions. Hotels Hotels additionally go under the commercial Real Estate. Eateries Dining spaces, eateries, and fast-food restaurants usually occupy the massive space of commercial Real Estate. Offices They oblige organizations. It can likewise be corporate workplaces or cooperating spaces. Shops and Stores This sort of business space incorporates the stores of retailers. In this class, we additionally track down retail plazas, everything being equal. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY AS AN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Property Investors like to purchase commercial Real Estate. Business land enjoys a few upper hands over residential Property. However, more extended rental agreements are typically on the table.   The return is, accordingly, safer than with residential real estate. The rents for offices and shops are higher than residential real estate, which means massive income for investors. Higher Rental Yield One of the primary motivations behind why investors are keen on business land to put away their cash is the rental income, which is more than residential units in this kind of speculation. Various Investment Options One more motivation to invest in business land is the variety of premises ready to move. Assuming you are keen on commercial Investment in Islamabad, for example, office space or shop, you will track down a vast determination. Investors are additionally intrigued to put resources into clinical facilities, hotels, restaurants, and industry-specific zones.   High Profitability One of the incredible benefits of putting resources into commercial Property is its undeniable productivity. For sure, the average productivity of premises for business users, by and large, is higher than that of residential Property.   The productivity of business property is much more appealing, mainly if they are situated in a charming area, for example, a bustling city area or a business region.   Higher-Income The higher productivity of commercial guarantees you a superior profit from your Investment. In the first place, more rental time frames guarantee a specific permanence of rental assets. Furthermore, a specific number of routine maintenance costs are, on a basic level, the responsibility of the inhabitant.   A Safer Investment One more justification for picking a commercial investment is the more critical security it gives the investor. Putting resources into a shopping center makes you liberated from any strain of illegal occupation regardless if you are abroad. The Property Remains in Good Condition People who occupy a rental residential real estate mostly leave the house badly, requiring fixes. It isn't something similar to commercial land. By getting warehouses, businesses, and offices, you are ensured to track down the spot in excellent condition. How to Find the Best Commercial Investment Option?   The least demanding and most helpful way is to take advice from property investment advisors. We have the inheritance to direct our investors with the best of our insight and the most recent patterns of the business. Assuming you want help with commercial investments, we are only one call away.   If you are looking all alone, you should think about a couple of things before your commercial real estate investment.   Area of the Commercial Property Putting resources into commercial Property is unique as assumptions are different, relying upon the business area, costs, etc. The most appropriate areas are the significant shopping regions, squares, etc. New or Previously Sold Commercial Property The upside of Investment in old properties offers the chance to know the rent and, in this way of expecting the rental yield. Moreover, investments in new commercial properties are more helpful in different ways. You can get it in portions, and the cost usually is lower than in more established shops.   Purchasing a business space to lease it out enjoys many benefits if you pick the right area. This progression is fundamental to put the chances on your side to guarantee a wise investment. The commercial Property should be situated in a shopping road or a region with high business potential, close to a metro station or significant retailers.  


CPEC Impact on Real Estate Market

Attributable to the colossal outcome of CPEC, Pakistan's housing market has most certainly attained the attraction of investors, quick to search for an investment opportunity from everywhere in the world. Because of this pattern, there has been a striking ascent in inland projects, and the costs are likewise expanding. Economic Growth Economic development is vital in the property business. Economic development is related to the rising costs of land. Because of CPEC, job possibilities will increment, and in this manner, the requirement for individuals purchasing or leasing places close to Gwadar will also increment. This will help the property business.   Chinese Immigration CPEC is a joint project between China and Pakistan, and hence, many architects are expected from both the nations all together that they can reside in Gwadar to finish the venture. Residing designers and different specialists require the foundation of a few little urban areas, towns, and scaled-down projects along the belt. This is excellent information for the housing market.   The place known as Gwadar can be utilized to construct numerous housing communities with every one of the convenience. The Chinese entry has incredibly impacted rental returns in significant urban areas, and it is a fact that, with time, this convergence will increment. The effect of Chinese foreigners should be visible in numerous communities of Pakistan. A blue world city is a housing society worked as a team with Chinese specialists and designers who have planned the apartments and houses so that individuals can encounter extravagance and a luxurious way of life.   Framework Development At the point when the shipping lane is settled between Pakistan and China, then the necessity for an appropriate street framework will additionally emerge. Street foundation builds the worth of spots that are around it. This will impact the housing market because the costs of homes, plots, and, surprisingly, rental apartments will increase.   Most communities are situated on the edges of significant urban areas like Bahria Town in Lahore, Bahria Town Karachi, Multan, Islamabad, DHA, and so on, which can, without much of a stretch, be associated with the CPEC. The CPEC has a great hand in raising the costs of properties in these. The plot of 1 Kanal of PKR 1,000,000 can be effortlessly changed into PKR 5,000,000 in the wake of being necessary for these communities. It can be considered that in the coming twenty years, the number of inhabitants in Gwadar will ascend to multiple million. Thus, in this regard, CPEC will turn into a need to take special care of the multitude of needs of the expanding populace. Gwadar City will be laid out in a local gated area that will give private, business, amusement, social, and instructive conditions under one rooftop. It should be noticed that over half of the area is saved for open spaces.   Attributable to the expansion in advancement in Gwadar, many schools, shopping centers, and clinics are thought to be underlying the city. More than 1500 homes will be worked across an area of 3.5 million sq. ft. additionally, with numerous migrants showing up at Gwadar port, the land value will rise. This will, thus, advance the housing market.   Massive Reduction in Property Tax for 2021 Pakistan's government has brought down the interest rate and reported motivations for businessmen and investors to relieve the economic effect of the pandemic. It's an alleviation package for the construction industry with the twofold point of giving work to day-to-day earners and pushing economic action.   The package also incorporates extra benefits for manufacturers and engineers to construct at minimal expense housing for the poor under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. The duty rate will be fixed for the development, and the saved portion assessment will be postponed.   We can comprehend this reality by discovering that concrete dispatches in the central portion of the 2021 financial year were 29M tons, up by 16% year-on-year from 25M tons in the top half of the 2020 financial year. Housing Market for the Economy of Pakistan: The Real Estate sector of Pakistan upholds the economy of Pakistan generally. Not just Pakistani investors see the potential in this market; however, the unfamiliar investors are additionally captivated and need to contribute here. One of the numerous primary purposes behind the investment of unfamiliar investors in Pakistani land is the soundness of the residential communities of Pakistan and the protected climate. This was not the case 10 years prior, as the climate turned extremely risky, and individuals dreaded the hazardous and unpredictable nature of political and monetary conditions.